Phobos Four: Deep Black Sea

Reading from May 1st to July 31st, 2016

For our fourth issue, Deep Black Sea, we want short stories, flash, and poetry hauled from the brine of oceans both real and fantastic: the shipwrecked rocket bobbing in the black ocean waves of a starless planet, its bloodied crew and their flashlights at the hatch that opens into the perfect dark, and the heavy thump against the hull; the work song of a dozen sailors, and the lilting mezzo-soprano that begins to harmonize from the empty crow's nest; the fleeing galleon's dreadful captive gnawing the last rivet from its iron box; the granddaughter that chucks a sharpened stick and spears a skull-sized opal blob galloping across the sand on its little wet fingers.

We want your stories and poems. Descend by choice or let yourself be dragged under by those things that grasp upwards. Come back with the meanest, meatiest, most vigorous weird fiction you can wrestle to the surface. Watch them gasp and flop and promise you everything in ten languages.