The detective blowing dust off of evidence boxes at 2am after her commanding officer ordered her to leave that particular cold case unsolved; the horrid, unloved rodent-human hybrid who skips ahead in his textbook, ignoring the warnings of his necromancy tutor; the young woman picking at the tape on a box clearly labeled All The Trouble In The World; the whip-scarred homunculus palming a sharp stone; the mad Admiral in his airship ordering a hard bank to starboard and loose all harpoons at his floating Kraken overlords.

For our third issue, "Troublemake," we went looking for short and flash Weird fiction and poetry about biters of the hands that feed, timid folk acting out against their tormentors, unlikely disturbers of the status quo, hell-raisers both literal and figurative, and creatures who just plain don't like being told what to do. We found them.

And for three bucks, you can too!