Phobos Two: Emergence

Print and Kindle editions now available!

Featuring artwork by Kai-Fai Steele and stories by: 

Amanda C. Davis, Sean Tanner, Jay Werkheiser, Craig S. Shoemake, Michael J. DeLuca, Shannon Fay, Grandpa Saint, William R.D. Wood, Terr Light, DK Wayrd, Rhonda Eikamp, Rebecca M. Latimer, Louis Rakovich, and Lee Forsythe

Thirteen short pieces about transformation, skin-shedding, things coming together, bursting forth, surfacing from the depths, and emerging from the darkness for good or ill. These short stories, flash fictions, and poetic works of weird fiction are by an international cast of both new and established talent.

I like to travel alone great distances, to see your dangerous cities from their little bays, marinas, from the undersides of their snail-speckled docks. You light your cities so brightly they burn my eyes and give me headaches, and I know, I know I could be caught, captured, put on display: studied in a secret laboratory, gazed upon in a gallery or troupe, worse in a back alley pleasure house. It’s dangerous for little things like me to swim up where the water’s shallow.

But I like the lights, and the cold air blasting my face, and the buildings that go up and up and up, and I want to see them…”
— from "A Sea Creature Romance" by Rebecca M. Latimer