Phobos One: Zugzwang

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Featuring original artwork by Alfred Klosterman and stories by:

A.E. Decker, KC Norton, Jerard Fagerberg,  Jonathan Shipley, Elizabeth Twist, Luke St Germaine,  E.E. King, I.W. Hunter, Daniel Nathan Horn, T.M. Crone, George Cotronis, Joel Nichols, and Grandpa Saint.

 "Zugzwang," Bina says.  
"What's that?" Ester-Malke says. 
"It's when you have no good moves," Bina says. "But you still have to move." 
-from "The Yiddish Policemen's Union" by Michael Chabon


     For our inaugural issue, we asked for stories related to the theme of Zugzwang.  The response was tremendous, covering a variety of genres and perspectives, from the Earth being carried off into space to a young woman at a breakfast table watching her son slip away, from a surreal work party shipwreck to Sherlock Holmes's (possibly) last case…. We are proud to present thirteen new tales of the weird!

"A rotten damp night waited outside, the fog rolling in so thick one would be hard-pressed to notice a palm held up before one’s nose. Laughter and faint jeers echoed up and down the street, as roughs and ladies of ill repute took advantage of the cloaking miasma to ply unsavory trades.
            Lestrade shut the tavern door behind him. Holmes waited under the uncertain light of a flickering streetlamp. “Monsters, hah!” he exclaimed.
“So I thought when the report was first brought to my attention,” Lestrade motioned Holmes to follow him towards the river. “But I saw the first set. Five-pointed, like some sort of lizard’s, and large as a bear’s…"
        -from "The Last Deduction" by A.E. Decker


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