Law, along with culture and other aspects, is easily one the founding principle of society. The society functions by abiding the rules regulations of the law and the land in general. Law has become an integral part of our system that we have shaped our daily routines and customs using the law of the land. But what if we didn’t have a stringent code in place?. So, here are some of the effects of not having a proper law in place.


1. Barbaric


One of the most significant advances of having a proper law in place is that it differentiates between the things to be done and the things not to be done. That is one of the main reasons and sole principle which makes us human. If we didn’t have a proper law to follow, then we would have never considered being social and building society for everyone. The concept of inclusiveness would have been a dream, or it would have never existed.


2. Society and Transformation


Society and Transformation


Our society has come a long way since our dark ages. From times where people used to walk to places to times where people used to reach areas in a matter of seconds, technology has played a crucial role. But despite all the advances in technology, if we reach a state where there are no rules to be followed, then technology could indeed be ruined. One of the highlights of transformation could be lost because law played a crucial role in transforming human lives and in making them understand their real purpose.


3. Basic Rights


With no laws in place, human lives might be in grave danger as people get to do whatever they want to. This concept diminishes the fundamental rights which every individual enjoys in a law-abiding nation. Fundamental rights about food, shelter, etc., could be lost and extinction could probably be a reality. Concepts such as equality, freedom of speech could never have come up.


4. Dictatorship




If there were no laws in place and no government to look after its people, then that indirectly leads to the rise of powerful dictatorships especially people with tremendous resources, making everyone dependent on external power for survival. History has always taught us how cruel and ruthless dictators have been. If power were concentrated on private hands rather than a collective one, then this would leave the world in bitter hatred destroying human lives forever.


5. War


War is cruel, deadly and causes nuclear strikes which leave people in damaged conditions, even to the extent of not surviving the after effects. Having a law system in place forces countries to sign peace treaties and other forms of agreements and thereby preventing them from going against each other. But a world with no law will be a world in constant warfare as people believe and think that it’s the real purpose of life.