Closed For Now.

Submission Guidelines:

We will only be accepting work that fits with the set theme. Your work could be terrific, but if it's a bad thematic match we can't use it.  

For general questions, including our rates and rights acquired, see our FAQ

Word limits as follows: Short stories and poetry to 2,500 words, flash stories to 1,000 words.

With this in mind, here's how you format your email submission: 

1. Subject Line: Submission, (your story title & approximate word count), (submission theme)

2. Email Body: Please summarize in a few lines how your story fits the theme. Any submission that doesn't include this will not be considered for the magazine, and will not be replied to.

If you have previously published work, please include a few lines referencing your successes.

If you're unpublished, that's completely fine.

3. Story: Please attach the story or poem as an .rtf or .doc, 12 point font, double spaced. Please keep the formatting to a minimum; it's visually distracting and a pain for us to undo. 

4. Bio: At the bottom, please include a two or three sentence biography that will run after your story. This is your victory lap, so you can be as factual or ridiculous as you like.

Please send all submissions to